Rapports Synthetiques

Metropolitan Industrial Strategies & Economic Sprawl (MISTA)

Sustainable Urbanization and land-use Practices in European Regions (SUPER)

Stocktaking and Assessment of Typologies of Urban Circular Collaborative Economy Initiatives (SHARING)

Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences (CIRCTER)

Comparative Analysis of Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Systems in Europe (COMPASS)

European Territorial Reference Framework (ETRF)

Green infrastructure: Enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services for territorial development (GRETA)

Impacts of Refugee Flows to Territorial Development in Europe (MIGRARE)

Possible European Territorial Futures

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in European Regions and Cities (SMEs)

Spatial Dynamics and Strategic Planning in Metropolitan Areas (SPIMA)

Territorial Trends in Technological Transformations (T4)

Territories and Low-Carbon Economy (LOCATE)

The Geography of New Employment Dynamics in Europe

The Material Cultural Heritage as a Strategic Territorial Development Resource: Mapping Impacts Through a Set of Common European Socio-economic Indicators (HERITAGE)

The World in Europe: Global FDI Flows towards Europe